On February 4th of 2021, the UNIFE Board of Directors chaired by its CEO Philippe CITROEN officially approved the candidacy of CS GROUP.

The Board of Directors is the highest decision-making body of UNIFE, bringing together the CEOs of 9 major UNIFE member companies including Alstom, Siemens, CAF and Thales. CS GROUP is thus recognized as a European actor in the rail sector, particularly through its activities in the field of public transport supervision, passenger information, data intelligence, and cybersecurity.


What is UNIFE? It is the European Industry Association of Railway Suppliers.

It represents more than 100 European companies active in the design, manufacture, maintenance and renovation of rail transport systems, subsystems and related equipment such as rolling stock, infrastructure and signaling.

UNIFE members represent all segments of the European and international rail industry.

They are committed to collaborating on common challenges and providing the innovative technology needed to meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation.

UNIFE is committed to maintaining the strong performance and technological leadership of the European rail supply industry. It continuously strives to educate politicians and the public about the economic, environmental and societal benefits of rail transport.

This solution supplies and controls the fixed displays of the RTM

The HUB becomes the cornerstone of the urbanization of the RTM traveler information system.

The HUB centralizes all the reference information (topology, offer) and real time (transit times, circumstantial information, etc.) and makes it available to the various traveler information media (displays, website, mobile application) as well as business operational systems (SAE).

The Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (S2R JU) projects are now operational and working together towards delivering innovative solutions.

MOBILITX, DIGINEXT’s a real-time high performance reliable backbone dedicated to high-speed and massive transport information exchange, has been selected by STIB (Brussels Transport Operator) to meet public transport network's needs for providing innovative services to transport operators and passengers information system and displays.