Breakthrough solution for public transport passengers information

Modular architecture tailored for main urban centers requirements

Situation information management

The impact of new modes of use and solutions

The digital revolution is having a huge impact on modes of use and mobility solutions, which are becoming increasingly shared, connected, driverless and eco-friendly. This upheaval is forcing public and private actors in the transportation sector to respond to the challenges of “Mobility 4.0”, including intermodal transportation, reliable and secure systems, reduced operating costs and real-time passenger information. Breaking down barriers, optimizing transportation systems and providing passengers with a sense of freedom are the challenges of tomorrow’s smart transportation systems.
Combining a high level of technological expertise with an in-depth knowledge of the sector, CS GROUP is an internationally recognized trusted partner for the transformation of the transportation and mobility ecosystem. From operational support to real-time passenger information, CS GROUP brings tried and tested expertise to the field of cyber-secure multimodal information systems.

Innovative, reliable and secure turnkey solutions

CS GROUP supports actors in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), industrial firms, operators and local authorities by supplying multimodal Passenger Information Systems and systems for the supervision of infrastructure and transportation fleets.

Our expertise

Contribution to the definition and enhancement of standards relating to public transportation:
Production of the SIRI France profile for the Department of Transportation

TRANSMODEL / SIRI /Netex training programs:
CS GROUP Expert working for the GT7

Functional assistance:

  • OURAGAN functional analysis and architecture (RATP)
  • Automation functional analysis for Metro/Tramway line L1 in Paris
  • Writing the tech specifications for the OURAGAN tender
  • Functional modeling of the NAVIGO system (RATP)

Technical audits (PARIS):

  • PCC L4 audit
  • PCC OrlyVal audit

CS GROUP's MobilitX suite