Electronic ticketing

Creation of a central database management system for electronic ticketing equipment for RATP

Project name: Navigo.

  • Centralized management of validation equipment: tolls, validators, station concentrators
  • Download and configuration of equipment
  • Real-time equipment supervision
  • Logging of operating anomalies. Consultation on demand
  • Viewing alarms in real time on a network map
  • Remote collection and archiving in transaction database
  • Development of statistics.
  • Information consultation on demand.
  • Management of "multilingualism"

Supervision / Operational assistance

To ensure the supervision of all equipment, CS GROUP is developing the OSC (Centralized Supervision Tool) system in charge of the following functions:
  • Equipment settings
  • Recovery of alarms and operating states
  • Preparation of reports for maintenance
  • Equipment configuration monitoring
  • History management
  • Calculation of operating statistics

Passenger Information Systems

Global solution for construction and dissemination of customer information on all of SNCF's public transport networks.

Project name: EVA

  • Standardization of IV management methods in the territory
  • Ability to rely on more relevant and automatic data sources to acquire information on the transport plan
  • Topological data (description of the rail network: stations, tracks, platforms, lines, etc. as well as the mode of communication: labels, languages, etc.)
  • The functional configuration data of the IV (Offers, brands, Reasons, etc.)
  • Heritage data (equipment and their technical operating characteristics)

Radio localization

Following the change of the radio network for TETRA, CS GROUP created the common base for operator stations on behalf of RATP.

And as part of the generalization of electronic ticketing, CS GROUP has contributed to the implementation of the TELBUS system.