Project name: SPIDER

Commissioning: 05/2017 & 07/2019

As part of the overall urbanization of its business information system, STIB structures its SIV architecture around a centralized system composed mainly of a hub of business information, a set of graphical interfaces ( GUI) allowing to design and disseminate on the STIB media theoretical information (information on lines, ...), real time (information on waiting times, ...) and circumstantial (information on disturbances , ...) and on-board systems allowing the dissemination of information in the BUS (50 lines) and the TRAMWAY (17 lines).

Features of the MobilitX solution:
  • The dissemination of theoretical, real time and circumstantial information on all or parts of the STIB network in a multimodal context (multi carriers, multi systems)
  • Content management for broadcasting via new displays (full HD TFT screens, etc.),
  • Improved administration with quality of service management
  • Multilingualism with parity between French and Dutch
  • Scalability for the next 10 years with:
    • Relative independence of the solution regarding new dissemination materials
    • A reserve of capacity and a significant possibility of scaling up
    • The possibility of easily interfacing with new systems (producers or consumers of passenger information or business information), or with the systems of other transport operators, in particular by adopting interoperability standards such as SIRI and NeTex standards
  • Reliable information provided to travelers:
    • Consistency of information across all media
    • Reserve capacity to hold the load in the event of severe disturbances
    • Robust architecture guaranteeing 24-hour operation