What is it ?

The DIS (Display Information System) is the MobilitX component which allows to broadcast the real time passenger information to led/tft screens and audio speakers.

MobilitX DIS features :
  • Templating & Scenarios
  • Multi-device (html, tft, led, audio speakers)
  • Preview

Display Management

Rendering engine

  • Information can be rendered for multiple devices (HTML, vocal, led, …)

  • Data is retrieved from the HUB or the onboard computer

  • Ability to function on fixed displays (quay) or vehicle displays

Composition Station

  • A station can create display templates and graphical components

  • The station also allows to edit the events

  • A preview is available

Display Manager

  • Embedded or fixed displays are managed through a dedicated software module

  • Sending information flows coming from the HUB

  • State of displays supervision

MBTX-DIS foundations

Mobilitx MBTX-DIS Foundations

Templates building

Template building based on elementary or composite elements
MobilitX DIS Templates Building